Kouroum Vineyard




Genuine Lebanese Arak TRIPLE DISTILLED wine following an old traditional Lebanese recipe passed to us by old Lebanese distiller. The wine is made from our best grapes grown in Kouroum of the Nile organic vineyard on the Alex desert road using first quality aniseeds imported especially from Lebanon.

Alcohol Content: 50 % by vol.
Volume: 500 ml
Serving Tips: Mix 1 volume of Arak with 3 volumes of water and then add ice.


Mosaic – Grappa Style

Eau-de-Vie de Marc

A fragrant distillation of grape-based pomace, Egybev use the finest grapes from their unique organic vineyards and employ a traditional recipe to create the eau-de-vie in an authentic Copper Gooseneck Pot Still.

Alcohol Content: 40 % by vol.
Volume: 500 ml
Serving Tips : Enjoy it chilled straight from the refrigerator

MOSAIC – Cognac style

Eau-de-Vie de Vin , Selected plots from our unique Bannati grapes are handpicked before complete ripping, they undergo special fermentation at low temperature before distillation using the traditional cognac method in a very unique pot still imported specially from cognac region. This process transforms raw wine into a refined eau de vie After one year of aging in oak barrels it becomes a premium brandy “Cognac style”

Alcohol Content: 40 % by vol.
Volume: 500 ml

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